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...tranquil 3 bedroom pool villas in the heart of Seminyak

Coffee Plantation


Feel like a coffee?.
We produce the beans on our plantation and brew them fresh for you.

Good Morning!

... to a freshly brewed

Sahana Coffee

Exclusive to Sahana Villa guests,
we are now serving our homegrown, organic Coffee. Finely ground - for you - for breakfast!
Our Coffee grows semi-shaded on 5 hectare - up in the cool mountains of Bedugul. The beans are hand picked and sun dried for a few days before being lightly roasted in the very traditional Balinese way - in drums over a charcoal fire.

Right before brewing your morning coffee, we grind the fresh beans. Not only to capture the fullest flavor but to ensure extracting the strong aroma of the Arabica Bean does not overpower the beautiful hint of chocolate which lives in our coffee.

bali coffee