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...tranquil 3 bedroom pool villas in the heart of Seminyak


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Located in the center of Seminyak, yet very quiet and tranquil. Great for families or couples. Within a five minute radius of the top restaurants, lounges and bar venues.

Please complete the application form at the bottom of this page.



  • Three Instagram stories per day highlighting the different aspects of the villa and it's services. Tag @sahanvillas in each story and include a SWIPE UP feature to https://www.sahanavilla.com/ - save all stories and Whatsapp them to +61410631153 for future use.
  • Follow @sahanavillas immediately after checking in to allow your followers to have a glimpse before you post.
  • One photo post per day. Include a nice comment about the villa, the services or your feelings about your stay.
  • 24 hours after each post we require a screenshot from your insights in order to identify reach and engagement.
  • Use hashtags in each post - #sahanavillas #sahanaexperience #balivillas #seminyakvilla.


  • Like @sahanavillas page immediately after checking in to allow your followers to have a glimpse before you post.
  • Check in at @sahanavillas
  • One photo post per day. Include a nice comment about.
  • Tag us on each post and include our website on each post.
  • One “5 stars” review before you check out.


  • Rate us with a 5 star review (before check out) on our Google Business Listing at Google Maps.


  • Subscribe to our mailing list at www.sahanavillas.com


  • One article post on your blog about your trip with several pictures of your various experiences. Focus on your feelings and why Sahana Villas was a true experience. Ensure that you provide a link to our website.


  • Four high resolution edited photographs for our marketing purposes with all rights for our use. These photos will be different from the ones posted on social media. Provide various types of photos (not only photos of the pool for example).
  • One professionally edited video (or drone video) supplied in high quality mp4 video format.
  • 3 x 15 second video each highlighting a different aspect of the villa per night of stay.


  • 2 five star ratings before checkout.

We will contact you before your check out.
If all the conditions are not applied, we will have to charge you for the stay.
Thank you.

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You may only upload .doc, .docx and .pdf files.
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  • Contact us to sign up for a collaboration