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...tranquil 3 bedroom pool villas in the heart of Seminyak

In Villa Dining


White or brown toast, butter & jam, tea or coffee, a dose of traditional herbal juice, seasonal fruit platter, fruit juice or fruite salad 2 eggs per person prepared your way! or pancake/ crepes with maple syrup or strawberry jam.

See our Indonesian breakfast options below:

Premium Breakfast Ideas We Love To Prepare:

Items from the premium menu below are optional. Let the girls know what you might like from below inspirations so they can shop & prepare for you (a grocery bill will be provided.)

Two Eggs:

  • Scrambled, fried or sunny side up.
  • Poached, boiled or in a class.
  • Various Omlettes (w/fillings or the classic ham & eggs).
  • Eggs Benedict with smoked/cooked ham or smoked salmon.
  • Eggs Florentine with sauteed spinach and sauce hollondaise.

If you wish to have certain ham, bacon or cheeses, just send the team out, or let us recommend a nearby supermarket with a good selection.

Lets get special bread: multigrain, bagels, pumpernickel, whole wheat, and baguette.

Breakfast Sweets:

  • Thin Pancakes (crepes with various jam or nutella or lemon - sugar).
  • French Toast (with maple syrup or honey).
  • Pisang Goreng (fried bananas with honey).
  • From The Bakery Boucht Fresh: croissant, pain au chocolat or danish rolls.

Indonesian Breakfast: (included in the villa breakfast)

  • Nasi Goreng fried rice with egg.
  • Mie Goreng fried noodles topped with one egg.
  • Bubur Ayam rice porridge with chicken and coconut soup.
  • Nasi Bungkus traditional balinese breakfast rice in banana leaf.

Healthy Start:

Fruit Salad w/ skimmed natural yoghurt & honey (optional muesli) fruit platter of fruits of your choice & cia seeds yoghurt minted papaya with lemon juice.

Fruit Juices:

  • Mixed seasonal fruit juice or coconut water with lime, apple, carrot with a dash of ginger, beetroot, carrot, apple, papaya, orange & yakult, watermelon & tangerine, pineapple & watermelon.

Coffee: cappucino, macchiato, coffee latte, and espresso.

Tea: Indonesian tea or ask the team to the shop the tea of your preference.

For Kids: hot/iced chocolate or milk with honey.

Noon Onwards The Team Can Prepare:

Since the girls grew up in balinese kitchens, we are happy to share the balinese cooking experience with you and designed a menu around local favorites!

From The Balinese Kitchen:

Most the following dishes are traditionally prepared with white rice and sambal.

  • Vegetables Curry add chicken or seafood with rice.
  • Sate Ayam chicken sate with a homemade peanut sauce & a twist of lemon.
  • Perkedel Jagung deep fried corn kernel fritters.
  • Jukut Urap mixed vegetable with balinese herbs in a fresh coconut flakes.
  • Nasi Goreng fried rice with balinese spices & sambal.
  • Mie Goreng fried noodles with balinese spices & sambal.
  • Mie Kuah noodle soup ala balinese.
  • Ayam Kuah balinese version of the classic chicken soup.
  • Ayam Betutu balinese slow cooked chicken wrapped in a banana leaf and slow cooked for several hours (one of the balinese favorites).
  • Sauteed Chicken or snapper with lemon - garlic butter & veggies.
  • Grilled Fresh Fish/Seafood or Chicken with balinese spices & sambal matah.

For The Children:

  • Pasta Napolitana or classic bolognese.
  • Pasta Carbonara (spaghetti, fussily or penne).
  • Chicken Nuggets with rice or steamed vegetables.
  • French Fries with tomato sauce.
  • Fried Rice or Noodles with chicken and no too many hidden brocolis.

or tell us what your child loves and the girls will prepare for you !

Sahana's Guest Favorites:

(please notify a day in advance)

Watch the girls prepare those balinese feasts & learn a trick or two while sipping wine or cocktails... some of you may want to get involved and cook along.

  • Seafood BBQ: fresh from the seafood market get a whole red snapper, jumbo prawns, calamari, etc. sayur urap vegetables and an array of sambal
  • Nasi Campur - The Classic Balinese Party Dish: Coconut flavored rice with chicken sate & peanut sauce, the famous ayam betutu, chicken /tofu curry, urap veggies, corn fritters and two kinds of sambal & peanuts ( kacang saur).
  • Babi Guling: a whole suckling pig can be ordered for you with all the trimmings!

Grocery shopping is possible during working hours for services outside the working hours, such as cooking, a charge of Rp40.000 /hour & staff apply.

Please arrange/settle this directly with the girls, of course there is reasonable flexibility involved and they do not calculate by the minute.

view our in-villa dining menu