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...tranquil 3 bedroom pool villas in the heart of Seminyak


Upon request, Sahana Villa is able to provide simple food and beverage services for maximum of 6 guests. Please refer to the menu page for details.


Grocery shopping is possible during working hours, however we would like to ask you to understand that in order to keep the Villa up to standard, the priority for the staff is directed towards housekeeping duties. For services outside the working hours, such as cooking, a charge of IDR 40.000/hour & staff apply. Please arrange/settle this directly with the girls. Of course there is reasonable flexibility involved and they do not calculate by the minute.

In the case of dinner parties, or if the cooking requirements exceed the capacity of the staff, we recommend hiring an outside chef. The expense for this extra service is borne directly by the guest.


Should you have a request for a dish that is not on the menu, or a special dietary requirement, please arrange this with the staff.


Sahana Villa is able to offer a limited selection of relaxing and therapeutic massage treatments plus some spa services.

There are several massage places around and we have tested many therapists. We only recommend one who is really good: Weni (direct pay IDR170.000 or +/- AUD16) We have massage beds. This can be arranged in the privacy of your villa. Please have the girls arrange accordingly.

A larger range of treatments can be arranged via the services of outside professional spa therapists. These can be provided in your villa.

Please discuss this with Sahana Villas staff and they will schedule appointments for you as you desire.

Massage Treatments:

  • Deep tissue therapy
  • Head & shoulder
  • Foot reflexology

Spa Services with home made organic products:

  • Exfoliating body scrub
  • Coconut hair treatment