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5 Must-Try Indonesian Food Places and best local flavors near Sahana Villas in Seminyak

By 08/08/2023Blogs

5 Must-Try Indonesian Food Places and best local flavors near Sahana Villas in Seminyak

If you’re a guest at Sahana Villas in search of an authentic Indonesian food experience, you’re in luck! The area surrounding Sahana Villas is a culinary haven, with a plethora of local food places just a stone throw away. From the aromatic Nasi Bali at Ibu Ketut Nari to the fiery flavors of Padang cuisine at Rumah Padang Putra Minang, and the tantalizing dishes of Chinese cuisine at Xiao Chu Little Kitchen, here are five exceptional Indonesian food spots that will leave you craving for more.

1. Balinese: Nasi Bali Ibu Ketut Nari

A mere 5-minute bike ride from Sahana Villas, Nasi Bali Ibu Ketut Nari offers a taste of the classic Balinese dish, Nasi Bali. This hearty and flavorsome meal showcases all the flavors Bali has to offer on a plate. Rice accompanied by an assortment of mouthwatering side dishes. Savour the tender grilled chicken and marinated poke dlicatesses, succulent bacon crispies, flavorful fresh mixed vegetables, and sambal Bali for an added kick. Ibu Ketut Nari’s culinary expertise ensures an authentic Balinese street food experience that will linger in your memory long after your meal.

2. Another balinese favorit: Nasi Ayam Kedewataan in Seminyak

For a true local food experience, take a 10-minute walk from Sahana Villas to Nasi Ayam Kedewataan in Seminyak and pass plenty of boutiques and the Seminyak village Mall on the way. This humble eatery specializes in Nasi Ayam, a Balinese-style chicken rice dish. The succulent chicken is marinated in traditional herbs and spices, then served with aromatic turmeric rice, alongside an array of flavorful condiments such as sambal matah and crispy chicken skin. The harmonious blend of textures and flavors makes this place a popular choice among locals and food enthusiasts.

3. Jakarta specials: Bakmi & Bubur Ayam Djie Tjap

A mere 8-minute walk from Sahana Villas, Bakmi & Bubur Ayam Djie Tjap offers two beloved Indonesian comfort foods – Bakmi Ayam (chicken noodles) and Bubur Ayam (chicken congee). The Bakmi Ayam features springy egg noodles topped with succulent chicken, vegetables, and savory soy sauce, while the Bubur Ayam offers a warm and comforting rice porridge served with tender chicken and an assortment of delightful toppings. The simplicity and heartiness of these dishes make them a favorite among both locals and visitors.

4. Indo Chinese : Xiao Chu Little Kitchen

For a delightful fusion of flavors, head to Xiao Chu Little Kitchen, just 8 minutes walk away from Sahana Villas. This charming eatery specializes in Chuan-style Chinese cuisine, tantalizing your taste buds with their authentic dishes. Try the Mapo Tofu – a spicy and savory tofu dish bursting with flavors, or the Chongqing Spicy Chicken, known for its mouthwatering blend of spices. Xiao Chu’s commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients ensures an authentic taste of China, making it a hidden gem for food lovers.

5. Sumatran: Rumah Padang Putra Minang

A short 6-minute ride from Sahana Villas brings you to Rumah Padang Putra Minang, a beloved Padang restaurant serving West Sumatran delights. Padang cuisine is renowned for its bold and rich flavors, and this eatery is no exception. Must-try dishes include the iconic Rendang – a melt-in-your-mouth beef stew simmered in coconut milk and a blend of aromatic spices. The Ayam Pop, crispy fried chicken seasoned with a tantalizing spice mix, is another favorite. Savor the robust and hearty flavors of Padang cuisine, making this restaurant a must-visit for every food enthusiast.

Stay in Sahana Villas - in heart of Seminyak, and have it all one step away

There you have it, your stay at Sahana Villas offers the perfect opportunity to explore the diverse and delectable Indonesian cuisine. From the authentic flavors of Nasi Bali and Padang cuisine to the fiery delights of Chuan-style dishes, comforting Bakmi & Bubur Ayam, and the tantalizing Nasi Ayam Kedewataan, each food place provides a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. So, put on your walking shoes, indulge in the rich flavors, and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable journey through Indonesia’s culinary delights. Selamat Makan!

So why wait? Book your stay at Sahana Villas today and experience the best of Seminyak at your doorstep!