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Hassle Free Travels: Bali’s Innovative Airport Autogates

By 23/04/2024April 29th, 2024Blogs

If you’re traveling through Bali’s airport soon, get ready for a whole new experience! The island’s main air-hub has just launched a cutting edge Autogate system to revolutionize the immigration process for eligible travelers. This new technology offers a seamless, self-service experience that saves valuable time while maintaining rigorous security standards. While you are waiting either at the Immigration line or for your luggage and baggage claim, you may want to kill time by filling out the mandatory Customs Declaration form before we jump into this newest high-tech facility called Autogate.

What are Autogates?

Autogates are automated self-processing lanes that use biometrics like facial and fingerprint recognition to verify a passenger’s identity and travel eligibility. As you approach the designated Autogate lanes, the system will automatically scan your passport. Then it will prompt you to complete a few simple stepslike a facial scan or fingerprint submission before allowing entry. This facility can be used for those who have an Electronic Passport for Visa on Arrival (E-VOA) and Electronic Visa (E-Visa). It can also be accessed by purchasing VOA at the Molina Lite counter at the Arrival Terminal. However, we highly anticipate getting your E-VOA beforehand to jump the line.

How They Work

The process is designed to be fast, seamless and low-touch from start to finish.

  1. Approach Autogate Lane: Have your Passport ready to go.
  2. Facial Recognition Scan: Look into the camera when prompted.
  3. Foreign Nationals: Scan Passport and provide Fingerprints.
  4. Local Residents: Dedicated lanes or quicker Passport-only processing.
  5. Exit Gate: You’re all set! Enjoy your travels.

Benefits of Using Autogates

  • Lightning fast processing in just 1-2 minutes.
  • Secure biometrics verification of identity and permissions.
  • Touchless experience for maximum hygiene.
  • Redesigned queuing for smooth passenger flow.
  • Reduces wait time and bottlenecks.

The Autogate Experience

With sleek, modern Autogates and an intuitive queuing layout with clear signage, the entire experience is designed to be effortless. Simply follow the prompts for a seamless self-guided journey from entry to exit. No more long line ups or complicated procedures!

The Bali Autogates mark the latest innovation in security, efficiency and customer experience. It’s all a part of our commitment to ensuring your journey through the island’s main air-hub is quick and comfortable every step of the way.

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