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Bali Restaurant Deals

By 03/02/2022March 8th, 2023Blogs
Find a Bali Restaurant with a view of a rice field

Bali Restaurant Deals

With Indonesia’s borders now open for international tourists, Bali tourism is thriving once again. Aside from the scenic beaches, natural wonders, and cultural sites, the various cuisines all over Bali are truly a must-try.

Hop into any Bali restaurant and discover the different tastes that the region has to offer. With so many great deals to choose from, you can enjoy sumptuous feasts at any family restaurant in Bali and discover more reasons to keep coming back.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of Bali restaurant deals you can take advantage of. You can explore these places and decide what you think is the best restaurant in Bali based on where you are most satisfied.

Best Bali Restaurant Deals on Balinese dishes

Sunday Restaurant Deals

Make your Sundays even more laid back with these deals perfect for the most relaxing day of the week.

-Alma Tapas Bar: Sangria Sunday 50k++ free Pintxos/Spanish Canapes (5pm – 7pm)
-LingLing’s: 50% off sushi & slider (5pm – 10pm)
-Don Juan: Sangria 50k all day

Monday Restaurant Deals

Bali is one place where your Mondays won’t be synonymous to stress. Make your Mondays fun with these deals on food and drinks.

-Alma Tapas Bar: Mojitos 50k free Pintxos/Spanish Canapes (5pm – 7pm)
-Bacaro: 20% off on all Cocktail (Monday to Thursday)
-Sushimi: 20k Sushi (Monday to Friday, 11am – 4pm) in Berawa

Tuesday Restaurant Deals

Yes, Tuesdays are for tacos. But it can also be a great day for pasta, pizza, and other amazing mouth-watering finds that fit the budget.

-KYND: Vegan pizza 2 for 1 (from 12 pm)
-SYNKONAH: 60k++ pasta / 60k++ house wine / 2 for 1 espresso martini
-Alma Tapas Bar: Gin & Tonic 50k free Pintxos/Spanish Canapes (5pm – 7pm)
-Basil Kitchen: Taco Tuesday & Friday 15k all day
-Don Juan: Taco 15k all day

Dining with a view in Bali

Wednesday Restaurant Deals

It’s hump day Wednesday and there’s no better way to enjoy the mid-week than by feasting on some of the best restaurant deals in Bali.

-KYND: 50k vegan meals
-Living Food Lab: Buy 1 get 1 free five topping salad
-Milk & Madu: Games night 60k Parma 60k Vino (5pm – late)
-Sushimi: 20k all plates 5-11pm in Seminyak
-Shrimp: 50% off Fish and Chip
-SYNKONAH: 50k Sangria

Thursday Restaurant Deals

Just because it’s not yet the weekend doesn’t mean that there’s no room for fun. Enjoy these great deals on food and drinks.

-Alma Tapas Bar: Gin & Tonic 50k free Pintxos/Spanish Canapes (5pm – 7pm)
-Bacaro: Buy 1 get 2 (buy 1 kura kura beer, get 1 free with any order)-
-KYND: Vegan pizza 2 for 1 (from 12pm)
-Don Juan: Taco 15k all day

Friday Restaurant Deals

Turn Friday into Fri-Yay! by making the most out of these great deals across different restaurants in Bali.

-Bacaro: 30% off on all Cocktails (friday to sunday, 5pm-7pm)
-Sushimi: 20k all plates (5-11pm)
-Shrimp: 50% off all pasta
-The Forge: TGIF 99k Double bacon cheese burger & french fries + 25k beer (11am – 7pm)
-Basil Kitchen: Taco Tuesday & Friday 15k all day
Say yes to Bali restaurant deals on pizza

Saturday Restaurant Deals

Celebrate the weekend in full Bali style with these Saturday-exclusive restaurant deals!

-Bacaro:  Saturday Ladies Night Daiquiri Night (buy 1 get 1)
-Gourmet Cafe Dewi: 40% off all items (7am – 10pm)
-Living Food Lab: Buy 1 get 1 free five topping salad
-Shrimp: 50% off Fish and Chip
-Don Juan: Sangria 50k all-day

Everyday Deals

Maximize your stay in Bali and have a feast every day! Check out these daily deals from some of the best Bali restaurants.

-Doppio Pink: 50k meals
-Sushi Bushi: 10k sushi plates from (1pm – 9pm, January)
-The Forge: Thursday Texas BBQ Night (11pm – 7pm)
-Banh Mi and Beans: 15% off (after 8pm)
-LingLing’s: 40K wine & sangria (5pm – 8pm)
-Coffee Cartel: all meals under 50k++
-Milk & Madu: 69k++ organic house wine
-Bacaro: 20% off on All Pizza
-Tacos Aqui: 20% off Food items (12pm – 4pm)
-Warung Lokalan: 15k coffee (1pm – 3pm)
-Gourmet Cafe Dewi Sri: 2 for 1 all food all drinks (3pm – 6pm)
-Watercress: Salads 30k++ (3 for 80k++) 12pm – 5pm
-Bali Buda: Cake & Coffee 60k
-Shooters 20k Bintang draft (5pm – 8pm) / 30k chicken burger all day
-Motel Mexicola: Happy Hour 2 for 1 (6pm – 8pm)
-Basil Kitchen: Free coffee (9pm – 12pm) / Happy hour (5pm – 8pm) / Dinner + Dessert 90k / 50k Cocktail (5pm – 8pm)
-Italian Job: 50% off all food
-Front Cafe House:  Coffee + fruit salad / Coffee + eggs and toast 60k
-Sista: Buy 1 cocktail get 2 pcs dumplings / Happy hour Gin & Tea Cocktail (3pm – 6pm)
-Shrimp: All you can eat 175k++
-Ximmor: Coffee 20k (8pm – 9pm)

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