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Bali Restaurant Deals

By 29/09/2020Blogs

Bali Restaurant Deals

Indonesia has not opened its borders for international tourists yet. But… for those lucky ones that are already in Indonesia, there is not a better place than Bali to go through this pandemic. Please don’t get us a wrong! We know all the negatives that this virus brought us but today we would like to bring you all the positives.

Most restaurants have come up with good deals in response to the current situation. Although your favorite beach clubs such as; Potatohead, Finn’s, Cafe del Mar are temporarily closed, you can visit many other spots! These are some corona deals that you can enjoy:

Sunday Restaurant Deals

-nüde: 50k pancakes
-Doppio Pink: 50k meals
-La Bandida: 15k tacos
-Amami: 20% off pizza
-Sushimi: 20k all plates 5-11pm
-KYND: vegan cakes / coffee for 20k + sunday roast & live music from 6PM
-Tygr Sushi: 2 for 1 on selected Sushi
-Milk & Madu: pizza 2 for 1
-Gypsy: 50% off on everything
-SYNKONAH: 150k++ Sunday Roast (Veg and Vegan options avallaible)
-Sushi Bushi: 15k sushi plates from 1-9pm
-The Forge: Sunday Roast 99k Aussie beef rib OR Crispy pork & 59k Bloody Marys

Monday Restaurant Deals

-Bacaro: 20% off pizza
-Banh Mi and Beans: 85k any dish + coffee + smoothie
-Living Food Lab: Vegan Sushi Night with 35-45K Rolls
-Alma Tapas Bar: 50K Mojitos all night

Tuesday Restaurant Deals

-La Bandida: 55k burgers
-Ling-Ling’s: 10k Taco 5-10pm
-KYND: vegan pizza 2 for 1
-Milk & Madu: pizza 2 for 1
-Bacaro: 30% off bottle of wine with purchase of 2 pizza
-Sushi Bushi: 10k sushi plates from 1-9pm
-The Forge: 2 for 1 pizza and pasta 11am-11pm
-Alma Tapas Bar: All day 50k Signature Gin and Tonic
-Coffee Cartel: (closes 4pm) 50% off on hotcakes (pancakes) – vegan option available

Wednesday Restaurant Deals

-Nüde: 40k burgers
-KYND: 50k vegan meals
-Sushimi: 20k all plates 5-11pm
-Bacaro: 2-4-1 Salads
-Sushi Bushi: 10k sushi plates from 1-9pm
-Ortodox Canggu: free flow wine for ladies 9pm – 11pm
-Wowis: Canggu Karaoke Night free cocktails from 7pm-8pm
-The Forge: 1k wings and 10k beer
-Shrimp: 50% off fish and chips

Thursday Restaurant Deals

-Two Fingers: 241 on classic cocktails!
-Strawberry: Fields 50K Burger of the week
-Living Food Labs: 45k Vegan Nasi Campur
-KYND: vegan pizza 2 for 1
-SYNKONAH: 50K++ beef burger + chips (with drink purchase)
-SYNKOANH: 50k++ chicken or eggplant parmigana/ chips/ salad (with drink purchase)
-Bacaro: 20% off pizza
-The Forge: “Thirsty Thursdays 50% off the entire drink menu”
-Coffee Cartel: (closes 4pm) 2 for 1 Ice Latte

Friday Restaurant Deals

-Two Fingers: 15K TACOS + 50K MARGARITAS
-Coffee Cartel: (closes 4pm) 50% off
-Tacos Aqui: Free Taco with every Margartita
-Sushimi: 20k all plates 5-11pm
-Ling-Ling’s: 50% off selected F&B
-Warung Lokalan: 35k Vegan Buffet Breakfast
-SYNKONAH: 3 oysters for 45k++(natural or kilpatrick)
-Sushi Bushi: 15k sushi plates from 1-9pm
-The Forge: “TGIF -99k Traditional Pub Fare + a pint of beer”

Saturday Restaurant Deals

-Gourmet Cafe Dewi: 40% off
-Living Food Labs: 2-4-1 Salad Bowls
-Amami: 20% off pizza (all vegan)
-KYND: vegan cakes / coffee for 20k
-SYNKONAH: Tapas Tasting Menu – prices 30k++ to 55k++
-Sushi Bushi: 15k sushi plates from 1-9pm
-The Forge: 10k/pc oyster 50k half kg clams 11am-11pm
-Shrimp: 50% off fish and chips

Everyday Deals

-nüde: 50K brekky burgers
-Shelter Cafe: 50k deals daily
-Watercress: 2 for 1 after 5pm daily
-Wasabi: 50% off
-The Flow: 50k breakfast and lunch
-Crepes Shop: 2for1 5pm-7pm
-Ithaka 50k breakfast
Doppio: 50k specials
-Bali Buda: 45K 1 Dessert + 1 coffee, 60K 1 All-Day Breakfast + 1 coffee & 80K 1 Egg Dish + 1 coffee
-LingPop: 10k Taco 4-11pm
-Shooters 10k beer 5-8pm, 30k chicken burger 5-8pm
-Ling-Ling’s 30k wine 5-8pm
-Clay Bones: 2 for 1 cocktails + 65k craft beer/wine 6pm-8pm
-Gourmet cafe: 2 for 1 from 5-7pm
-Motel Mexicola: 50% off everything
-Basil Kitchen: 50k meals
-Beachboy: 25% off foodmenu
-Bali Bowls: 50% off on sushi 5-10pm
-Sykonah: Happy Hour 4-6pm 50k++ gins 65k++ cocktails
-Give: 50K meals
-Cocomo Canggu: 55K meals, 25K coffee, 50% off cocktails
-Italian Job: 50% off all
Corner House: 49k breakfast from 7-11AM
-Enzo: 30% off 1pm – 5pm
-Banh Mi & Beans: 8-11am 2 for 1 banh mi & buy any dish get coffee free
-Front cafe House:  salad + juice 90k
-Lena’s Kitchen: 70k breakfast + coffee 10am-12pm
-Living Food Lab: 55K Coffee + Balinese Crepes / Nagasari
-Crate Cafe: X Gypsyland 60K Cocktails + 25K All Food
-Los Jefes: 15K Tacos from 5-8PM + 99K Sangria Free Flow for 180 Minutes every day
-Sista: Dumpling buy 1 cocktail free 1 set dumpling
-Nyom-nyom: buy one get one free coffee
-Alma Tapas Bar: Gin and Tonic for 50k 5-7pm
Shrimp: All you can eat 150k
-Duatiga: Smashed Avocado on Toast + Coffee/Juice: 60k (9am-5pm)
-The Forge: “Drink specials, 50k Little Creatures, 60k Heineken, 99k 3x Bintang & 2 for 1 cocktails”
-Da Romeo: classic pasta 2 for 1
-XimmoR: 30% on everything
-Shmurger Burger: 50K Shmurger of the day, from 12pm
-Muzoya: Buy 2 get 1 free, all variations of cake & bakery, 7pm-9pm

The restaurants are not the only ones having deals, though. Many hotels and luxury villas offer generous discounts too! Do you want to know which ones? Follows us on instagram