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Bali – tropical escape to the pandemic?

By 19/05/2020January 12th, 2022Blogs
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A miracle happening on the islands of gods

According to epidemiologists Bali, should have been hit hard by the coronavirus global pandemic by now. But the reality is that the island of gods seems to have an unique immunity to COVID-19. The number of infected and dead are far below the other Indonesian Islands. Positioning Bali as one of the safest places to be at the moment not only in Indonesia but the world.

This success can be explained by different factors

The success of curbing the virus has come with the help of around 1,500 traditional village committees. With considerable sway over the majority of Hindu residents, Bali which is home to around 4.2 million, reports just four virus-related deaths. Thus, only 343 confirmed cases for a fatality rate of 1.2%, far below the national average of 6.5% .

- Bali's Cuisine:

Rich on herbs which increase human immunity and reinforce natural defenses, it could help as a barrier against the virus. The theory is supported by nutrition experts on the island.

- The demographics:

The population is rather young in Bali, with a median age of 30, and could be asymptomatic.  « If you compare it to America where 16 percent of the population is more than 70 years old and in Italy where it’s 20 percent, it provides a reasonable explanation as to the low number of reported cases and the low mortality rate in Bali.» says a virologist. The virus is mostly harmful to people older than 65, and commonly asymptomatic on younger people.

- Organizational Structure:

The villages have a very strong influence on the community. Whatever the elders in the villages say, people abide. And this has enabled the government to impose its policies down to the community level effectively.

Many individuals thought that Covid-19  would gravely hit Bali. As it’s the biggest traveler goal in Indonesia and the world, it is also a fact that Bali has the most tourists from China, and thus should be the most impacted. Social media predicted that Bali would be hit hard, and if you were to stay in Bali during this pandemic you would regret it. But recent news are proving those predictions wrong… Bali style.

Are tourists soon-to-be able to enter the tropical island again?

The island is still one of the most desired destinations on this planet. Many luxury hotels and villas are preselling nights at excellent rates for when the borders are open again. And surprisingly, the success of these campaigns has been tremendous.

It seems that the people are eagerly waiting for borders to open so they can head back to their favourite tropical hot spot.

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The government speaks with great optimism when discussing the prompt opening of the island to tourism, the backbone of the country’s economy. While no deadline has been set for reviving the island to their loved tourists, Koster says a strategy is prepared. However, this will not be put into place until Bali is fully recovered from the pandemic.

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