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Sahana Villas Staff gets rapid tested to be on duty

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Sahana Villas corona cleaning & disinfecting protocol

Sahana Villas follows all Covid-19 health & safety protocol

Sahana Villas follows a strict corona cleaning & disinfecting protocol to ensure guests’ safety in this coronavirus pandemic. To do so, we apply carefully hygiene instructions given by the government and health ministry. Furthermore, we are one of the only villa management in Bali that purchased a big amount of rapid tests in the beginning of the outbreak of the Corona Virus to keep our guests and team safe. 

We get all our Sahana Villas' Team tested

We purchased over 400 rapid tests to make sure that none of the Sahana Staff on duty is infected. We test our staff regularly to make sure they remain safe. The number of staff entering your villa for cleaning and maintenance is the bare minimum. They work with gloves and masks and they maintain the security distance.

Corona Rapid Test of Sahana Villas Team

We have in place extraordinary clean & disinfection measures:

The maintenance staff wears new masks and gloves every time they enter your villa. We use different cloth for each room and they are all washed in boiling water before we use them.

Our Corona cleaning & disinfecting protocol :


  • First we clean the surfaces with a neutral detergent and water and then apply the disinfectant as instructed. We ensure the necessary contact time occurs and let it dry completely.
  • Then, we use alcohol solutions on surfaces where we can’t use standard disinfectants, e.g. remote controls and telephones.
  • We proceed to cautious cleaning of the areas that could be contaminated with body fluids, with an absorbent materialome. Afterwards, we use detergent and water right before we disinfect.
  • We carefully steam clean contaminated materials such as upholstery  following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All soiled equipment, including any masks or other PPE worn by the guest, is put in a leak-proof plastic bag that we shut tight and do not reopen. We dispose of the waste under local health authorities’ instructions.
  • We do not use compressed air and/or water under pressure for cleaning, or any other methods that can cause splashing. In addition, we use vacuum cleaners only after proper disinfection of other surfaces has taken place.
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