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Sunrise Jeep Tour

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Amazing Volcano Ride

Rise & shine cause we're going on a cruise along some of the most incredible views of the crater and active volcano as we ascend to the highest peak for a majestic sunrise with a stunning morning views!

05.00 AM

Catch the Sunrise

Leaving villa by 03.00AM and begin the Ride at 05.00AM - skip the hike and straight to the majestic sunrise scenery! Cruise through the unique farming region, across the frozen black lava fields of the 1963 eruptions.

(3 hours ride)

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08:00 (Detour)

Black Lava

Make a detour to the Black Lava. Roads are rocky and twisty and it is possible to cruise through enjoying the scenery, definitely worth the adventure!

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Optional Trip

Trunyan Village and Cemetery

A visit to Trunyan island is one of the curious and authentic experiences you can have in Bali. The Village is one of place where the Bali Aga tribes live. In the village, there is a unique tradition: people who died were not buried but placed under the Taru Menyan Tree. If you're in luck, you might see a body of newly deceased or just a real human skeleton on your casual stroll.

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*Sunrise only – IDR 500.000/Jeep (up to 3 pax)
*Black Lava & Black Sand – IDR 600.000/Jeep (up to 3 pax)
*Sunrise, Black Lava & Black Sand – IDR 750.000/Jeep (up to 3 pax)
*Pre ordered breakfast IDR 50.000/pax

*Fee to Trunyan Village at own cost

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