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Temples & Ubud Area

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Closer to Divinity & Balinese Customs

Spiritual traveling and visiting temples have been a part of human culture for centuries. Temples are places of worship, where people come to connect with their faith, find inner peace, and seek guidance. Spiritual travels, on the other hand, are journeys that people undertake to explore their spiritual beliefs, understand their purpose in life, and connect with the divine.

9:30 AM

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Depart early and walk The Monkey Forest, a conservation area according to the Hindu principle of Tri Hata Karana ("Three ways to reach spiritual and physical well-being"), which seeks to assist people to live harmoniously during their lives. The "three ways" to this goal under the Tri Hata Karana doctrine are harmonious relationships between humans and humans, between humans and the natural environment, and between humans and The Supreme God.

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12:00 PM

Rice Terraces

Enjoy lunch in nearby area and walk down a series of beautifully arranged paddies which follows the traditional Balinese irrigation system called “subak.” The famous one Tegallalang has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage.

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3:00 PM

Tampak Siring Temple

Together with the Presidential Palace, the Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple provides some of the most fascinating views you will ever see. As the sacred ambiance lures your curiosities, experience cleansing & water blessings rituals at the purification pool.

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04:30 PM

Pura Gunung Kawi

Heading to the stunning ancient temple complexes, the Candi Gunung Kawi. Comprising a collection of ancient 'Candi' or shrine reliefs carved directly into the face of a rock cliff, this is definitely one of the most stunningly unique archeological sites besides being an important sacred place for the Balinese.

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*Lunch at own cost
*Small entrance fee for Monkey Forest
*This tour can also be Temple first and Ubud last (departure 10.30 AM)

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