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Unique Bali Gifts

In the ❤️ of Bali, where tradition meets luxury, finding the perfect unique bali gifts becomes an art form. Visitors to the Sahana Villas often ask, “Can you help me find the perfect unique Bali gift?” Look no further, for nestled just a 5-minute bike ride away lies the answer – KOKOON Silks, the best shop in Seminyak for unforgettable unique Bali gifts.

kokoon unique bali gifts

Discovering the Elegance of KOKOON Silks:

KOKOON Silks is more than a shop; it’s an experience. The high-end Satin Silk scarves, adorned with timeless motifs, make for the ideal unique Bali gift. Packaged in exquisite gift boxes with a personalized card, these scarves are a blend of classic style and contemporary elegance. The ready-to-wear collection ensures a perfect fit for all, making it a hassle-free shopping destination for those seeking “better” unique Bali gift ideas.

The Art of Giving:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

This timeless quote resonates, capturing the essence of the gift-giving experience. KOKOON Silks understands this emotion, ensuring each present is not just a product but a moment of joy. Whether celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or the simple joy of having someone special in your life, KOKOON Silks transforms gifts into lasting memories.

The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion:

KOKOON Silks isn’t just a brand; it’s a dedication to preserving the artistry of South East Asian motifs. Scarves, shawls, sarong sets, and pashmina throws – each piece is a testament to timeless beauty. The ready-to-wear collection adds a touch of elegance to garments, making it the perfect unique Bali gift for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas.

Motifs that Tell Stories:

Dive into the rich history of South East Asian heritage through KOKOON Silks‘ motifs. From the traditional Singa and Mendung to the contemporary collaborations with QUARZIA – Flag, Guci, Peacock, and Waterlily – each motif tells a unique story. The Bonsai collection offers a classic touch, making it a versatile choice for diverse tastes.

A red unique bali gift from kokoon skills

Choosing the Right Colors:

For the safest gifting option, choose the sleek and classic blue tones. Blue complements almost every color and skin tone, ensuring the recipient can effortlessly incorporate it into their wardrobe. Select from favorite blue motifs like Waterlily, Guci, Wanamukti Sky, Mendung Black, and Banji Blue.

Seasonal and Occasional Recommendations:

Consider the climate when selecting the perfect gift. Pashmina underlining makes scarves and throws suitable for colder places, while other models are versatile for both warm and cold seasons. For special occasions like Lunar New Year, embrace lucky colors like Singa Red and Mega Asia in Black and Gold. For Eid celebrations, opt for Banji Green and Balon Grey.

Affordable Luxury:

KOKOON Silks caters to various budgets, with options ranging from USD88 to USD348. Beyond scarves, explore a selection of accessories like silk hairbands and silk fans starting from USD8. Need guidance in choosing the perfect motif? Reach out to the knowledgeable team at KOKOON Silks or refer to their article on selecting the ideal gift.

This Christmas, elevate your gift-giving experience with KOKOON Silks. Whether it’s the timeless beauty of their scarves or the elegance of the ready-to-wear collection, each piece is a work of art. Immerse yourself in the world of KOKOON Silks, where gifting becomes an expression of love and appreciation for the unique Bali gifts. Find the perfect Bali gift at KOKOON Silks and make this festive season unforgettable.

Kokoon believes in a sustainable way of life and refuses the usage of any materials which might harm the earth. Our product conception process is unique Bali gifts and meticulously realized to bring to life an organic packaging.

Kokoon prides itself to be a socially-conscious brand and values durable and sustainable fabrication processes for the making of its products:

“We support artisans and honest handmade production by doing business with small weaving workshops in the heart of Java, Jepara. The place is famously known as the home of hand-woven organic cotton being used for the exclusive packaging. Its natural dyes used in the process are essentially a form of culture and art philosophy, handed down from generation to generation.

We take care of our communities! For a truly meaningful and sustainable holiday, consider the range of unique Bali gifts available at KOKOON Silks.

The KOKOON experience :

Each detail of the products is infused with years of craftsmanship skill, expertise, care, and represents the richness of the Asian heritage that we wish to protect at all costs. We believe in delivering an authentic product to our customers, with a meaning and a story behind its confection.

A man is making a unique bali giftThe gift boxes accompanying its exclusive packaging are made in the central of Bali, Bangli. For quite some time now, Kokoon managed to help build the infrastructure to support and continue to improve the lives of artisans by allowing them to stay close to their families. Discover the joy of giving with meaningful and unique Bali gifts that embody the essence of Asian heritage.

“By choosing gift boxes instead of plastics, we support the efforts made to preserve our beautiful planet and environment. When shopping at Kokoon, you support it as well. Let’s keep taking care of what matters, together.”

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Merry Christmas and happy shopping with our collection of unique Bali gifts!!