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Where can you travel to during the pandemic? BALI!

By 04/05/2021February 9th, 2022Blogs

Where can you travel to during the pandemic?

One of the world’s best places you can be during the pandemic is Bali. Cases are low, life is rather normal and the prices are lower than ever!! Most of the tourist/ foreigners left at the beginning of the pandemic but those who stayed haven’t regretted their decisions

Can foreigners travel to Bali?

Indonesian Borders are opened for B211 visa holders. However many think that it is not possible because the visa free regulations that previously allowed visitors from 160 countries to come to Indonesia without a visa is not available since March 2020.


There are currently no direct flights to Bali. All the big airlines (Qatar Airlines, Turkish, Emirates, Singapore, KLM…) are flying to Jakarta International Airport – Soekarno Hatta first, where a 5 day quarantine is currently mandatory. Singapore Airline however has announced that they´ll be opening the Bali route by the end of May.


Quarantine is mandatory for anyone entering indonesia at your own expense. The quarantine facilities are Hotels that have received certification of COVID-19 quarantine accommodation by the Ministry of Health.

Visas B211

There is one visa, the B211, that foreign tourists can opt for at the moment. This type of visa is valid for 60 days and it can be extended 4 times (30days each). So foreigners can stay in Bali to up to 6 months.

This is not the kind of visa that you can get by yourself. You will need someone sponsoring you by invitation. But do not worry about it. We can help you! The only thing that we need from you to organize and process your visa is your passport and your flight tickets. 


You will need 3 PCR tests:

  • First one: 72 hours before departure
  • Second one: 24 hours after arrival in the Republic of Indonesia
  • Third one: 5 days after arrival/isolation at the accommodation in Jakarta

Cases in Bali

The numbers had been considerably low compared to other areas in the country, even worldwide. The situation is very much controlled. 


Bali has received 200,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine, which is being prioritized for use of people working in the services industry. Bali wants to create “green zone” areas in the province ⁠— Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Ubud ⁠— to reopen the rest of visas to foreign tourism.

What is the Lockdown Status in Bali?

Indonesia still implements a partial lockdown wherein public and commercial activities are restricted to certain hours of the day. Domestic travel is not restricted but is dependent upon a COVID-19 test result and the use of mask is mandatory.

How is life in Bali?

The locals are suffering from the lack of tourism, however the foreigners that decided to stay as well as the ones that have started coming back with the B211 visa permit are enjoying Bali like never before. 

What if I get Corona in Bali?

There are five designated hospitals to handle cases of coronavirus infections in Bali. The Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, Sanjiwani General Hospital in Gianyar regency, Tabanan General Hospital, Udayana University Hospital and Bali Mandara General Hospital.

Through the pandemic, due to the relatively low infection cases, the hospitals were never at full capacity and were able to handle covid patients without any issues.

Why Bali:

  • Deals and promos like never before (in villas, restaurants, spas…)
  • The massive tourism is not longer there
  • The nature has healed and looks like 10 years ago
  • Low corona cases (hospitals have never been)

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